Inside the donations of Swiss billionaire Hansorg Weiss “dark money” is a democracy

An eighty-year-old Swiss billionaire has donated tens of millions of dollars to Democratic politicians and progressive causes in “dark money” contributions — and Hansjörg Wyss is likely to divert millions more to influence the midterm elections in November, sources say. A Virginia-based think tank estimates that since 2016, nonprofits associated with Wyss have funneled more … Read more

Climate change destroys Iraq and palm trees make way for the desert | Climate Crisis News

Basra, Iraq – Southern Iraq was once known as the “Black Land” – vast expanses of palm trees that obscured everything else, providing food, shelter and shade. But palm trees, as well as fruit trees and vegetable farms, have now mostly disappeared in and around the southern port city of Basra. Instead, it acquired real … Read more

43 years after the horror of Flight 191, siblings reunite with writers

By Bert Constable On Wednesday’s remembrance of the tragedy that killed their parents, siblings Melody Smith, Kim Jockle and Jim Purchers make their annual pilgrimage to the Flight 191 Memorial Wall in Lake Park in Des Plaines. The worst aviation accident in U.S. history, on May 25, 1979, killed 273 people, including Bill and … Read more

Isaiah Lee says he “raised” Dave Chappelle’s jokes

Los Angeles man Accused of attacking Dave Chappelle He said he “sparked” the comedian’s jokes about the LGBTQ community and homelessness — insisting he never wanted to hurt the funny guy. In an exclusive prison interview, Isaiah Lee told The Post that Chappelle must be more “sensitive” when it comes to the jokes he breaks. … Read more